How to take part?

Who can participate in WahlweXel jetzt!?

Everybody and anyone.

How does wahlweXeln work?

People without the right to vote get hold of a vote. Those with and those without the right to vote engage in a conversation about this. In principle you can easily do this from home - but we'd be happy to see you at the elections in WUK on 25th September:

Options for non-voters:

— You know someone who is eligible to vote and wants to show solidarity, talk to them and arrange that they cast their vote for you on 29th September.
— You know someone who is eligible to vote and wants to show solidarity and you both join the 'WahlweXel - jetzt aber wirklich!' event in WUK on 25th September.
— You don't know anyone who is eligible to vote and wants to show solidarity? Then join us at WUK on 25th September, for the "WahlweXel - jetzt aber wirklich!" event.

Options for voters:

— Talk to someone who has no right to vote and use your poll card to vote for them on 29th September
— If you're not in Austria, do the same and vote by mail
— You're in Austria, order your poll card and come to WUK with it on 25th September, to join the "WahlweXel – jetzt aber wirklich!" event

How to order a poll card?

In order to participate in "WahlweXel – jetzt aber wirklich!" at WUK, those eligible to vote must make sure to order their poll card by 18th September at the latest!
In most councils in Austria you can order it via a Wahlkartenantrag.
People registered in Vienna can do this via help gv OR directly at their local council (Bezirksamt) OR email a scanned picture ID and the following information: your name, date of birth, place of birth, main address (Hauptwohnsitz) as well as postal address. Then they'll send you the poll card in a registered letter.
You can find information about the 'Wahlkartenantrag' at wien gv.
Similar options apply for the rest of Austria: you can order the polling card with the council where you are registered, either in person or via postal letter, Fax and possibly also email.