Wed. 25th September
WahlweXel - But Really Now!

18:30 to 03:00
WUK – Werkstätten und Kulturhaus,
WUK Foyer, Waehringer Str 59, A-1090 Vienna

On September 25th 2013, four days ahead of the parliamentary elections, we are organising what is long overdue: an occasion on which all those present can vote. Countless people who are excluded from the vote will be able to claim their participation here: an act of democratisation as well as a collective act of protest against the fact that almost one million Austrian inhabitants are excluded from the elections. Following this, there will be a public party of StimmweXel (voice swapping) featuring Karaoke for all, where everybody can dance, sing and celebrate.


People eligible to vote will only be allowed into the event if they bring their poll card! Order your poll card now!
18-19:00: Doors open
To 19:30: Live Music with Maciej Golebiovski & Friends
To 20:00: Welcome and presentation of the campaign
To 20:30: Voting
To 20:50: Random Identity Raffle
To 21:00: Opening of the Event and Live Music
From 21:00: StimmweXel party with Prole-karaoke for everybody!

Thu. 12th September
Discussion event
The System of your Dreams. Democracy, Every Vote Counts?

18:30 to 20:30
KunstSozialRaum Brunnenpassage,
Yppenplatz, 1160 Vienna

Starting with the question about the relation between the anti-racist practice of 'WahlweXeln' [vote 'swapping'] and the basic tenets of parliamentary democracy, we want to analyse the blind spots of really existing democracy, and discuss proposals about a radical democratisation of all social spheres.

Who or what can we actually choose? What is the relation between democracy and work? Does democracy consist solely of voting? What else does the right to democratic participation encompass?

Di. 20. AugustPress Conference
WahlweXel Now! Every Vote Counts?

10.30 Uhr
Café Landtmann
Universitätsring 4, 1010 Wien

On September 29th, all of Austria will vote for a new national assembly - all of Austria? Not really, since there's almost a million people in this country that are not allowed to vote. WahlweXel jetzt! doesn't expect politicians and the state to positively intervene in this problematic situation in years to come. 'We're of the opinion that every person counts. The passive and active right to vote should be no privilege, it's really a minimum requirement for democracy.' WahlweXel jetzt! makes it real, helping residents who don't have the right to vote in Austria co-decide and participate in the 2013 parliamentary elections.